Tropicana Slim

Tropicana Slim




Natural Goodness That’s Sugar-Free

Tropicana Slim is a refreshing new sweetener that’s made from corn/cassava extract (sorbitol) and sucrolose.

A healthier substitute for regular sugar, Tropicana Slim contains no preservatives and leaves no bitter after-taste, making it ideal for hot and cold drinks, as well as all your household cooking and baking needs.

Healthier For Everyone… Including Diabetics

In addition to regular exercise, lowering your sugar intake can help kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Tropicana Slim lets you enjoy sweetness in your tea, coffee and desserts, but without the calories that normal sugar has.

One sachet of Tropicana Slim (2g) contains 0 calories. It is equivalent in sweetness to 2 teaspoons of sugar – which contain 40 calories – so you consume less and effectively save more money. Tropicana Slim introduces not one but four varieties of sweeteners to cater to the different needs of young and old alike. There’s Classic, Diabetics, Lemon and now Zero Cal, ideal for baking and cooking.

Great Taste You Can Take Anywhere

Tropicana Slim comes in individual sachets so they stay fresh and are always easy for you to tote on the go… whether you need them in your office, your car or even on a picnic!

Quality You Can Trust

Launched in 1978 and manufactured by PT Nutrifood Indonesia, Tropicana Slim is trusted by well-known establishments around the world in countries such as Dubai and Switzerland.

Tropicana Slim has been approved by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and is Halal-certified.


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